This thematic module is aimed at IT students basically. Its objective is to be able to communicate between the user and the robot and the different devices through bidirectional channels. The unit “Managing robots over the internet” explains in depth how to manage a device remotely using web pages and cloud services. These services can be implemented on their own servers, dockers, cubernets or external services such as AWS.

Control, data link and power system thematic module contains 2 units:

➡ Managing robots over the internet

➡ Alternative rover control

Teachers and collaborators of the thematic module

To create this module a number of teachers from the partner organisations have contributed with lesson design, testing, documentation and evaluation of the activities. The participants involved are teaching a variety of subjects such as: Technology, Social science, History, English and Mother tongue. The participants have communicated through the project communication channel, on project meetings and online meetings, to divide tasks and to make sure that the thematic module is of good quality, comprehensive and that it contains units relevant to the theme.

More exact information on participation in the different activities can be found in each unit.


The Demeter Project