Memory game (human rights)

memory game
Memory game

The unit consists of making an educational video game using the theme of the project. To do this, an awareness phase will be carried out, subsequently related information will be sought and finally the final product will be developed.

In this sense, the lessons begin with some short videos related to this topic that captures the attention of the students. After each video, a round of opinions and debates is opened for students to express their ideas about the topic.

Subsequently, the students will carry out, in groups, tasks to search for information about the topic and related images, to be able to associate a phrase with educational information with an image related.

Once the groups have their associated image and phrase, brainstorming is done so that all groups know the phrases and images of the rest of the classmates.

After the sharing, once the images and their respective information are in place, each group proceeds to make the final product, with educational and awareness purposes. In our case an easy video game with a graphical user interface where we have to raise pairs of the same images (flip cards), so that each time an equal couple stands up, a pop up window with educational information appears. 

In this unit you can change the final result for another, for example, instead of a video game you can create the same memory game but using cardboard or movable pieces of wood.

Below, you have a video explaining the activity:

The Demeter Project