Elektrotehnička i ekonomska škola Nova Gradiška

Elektrotehnička i ekonomska škola is situated in Nova Gradiška in the Croatian region of Slavonia.
The town has approximately 15 000 inhabitants and is situated near the Bosnian border.
There are two upper secondary schools, one is a general theoretical school, and Elektrotehnička i ekonomska škola is both a general and a VET school. There are 322 students and 55 staff, whereof 36 teachers. The emphasis is on technical education and economy. All general subjects are taught, as well as electrical engineering and vocational subjects within the area of electricity, electronics, mechanics, computer science and programming. The school has access to fully equipped class rooms, laboratories and work-shops. The students are also involved in building, and entering into competition with, a solar panel racing car and in the construction of robots. Different ways of working thematically are tried out and the students are encouraged to work in an entrepreneurial, problem solving manner.

Elektrotehnička i ekonomska škola Nova Gradiška - Mjesec borbe protiv ovisnosti - Radio Nova Gradiška
The school is aiming at excellence and is directed towards technical and personal perfection of teachers. The school strives to provide quality and modern education for students, and the teachers are therefore upgrading their classes continuously. To achieve this, the school is continuously involved in in projects on local, regional, national and international level.

The Demeter Project