Managing robots over the Internet

managing robots over the internet
managing robots over the internet


To work on this unit, the following methodology is proposed:

  • Exact knowledge of the objectives pursued as a motivating element for the student.
  • Provide the mathematical, physical or other elements necessary for understanding the proposed content.
  • Didactically it will be accompanied by abundant figures, diagrams, and utility programs that synthesize the procedures that are explained textually.
  • They will be accompanied by abundant references and documentation, as support for what has been studied and to relate it to other topics in order to indicate to the students the way forward to tackle problems that are solved in this subject.
  • Give the approach of “what is each concept studied for” that helps motivation and the introduction of the student in the real world, which will be very useful when the student has to do real practices in companies.
  • Connection of the theory explained with real examples.


In the DEMETER project we try to mobilize student motivation. It is one of our main objectives. The motivation of the students in the classroom can be improved with a work scheme that includes the following elements:

  • The prior interests of the students must be known.
  • It is convenient to foster a constructive critical spirit about technological activity and the various commercial proposals that can be found in the market.
  • It is positive and necessary to help students to make responsible decisions in the selection of technological products.
  • Group activities are encouraged by carrying out team practices, projects in which several students can collaborate, etc.
  • They should be helped to select and properly handle technical documentation and advertising information.
  • In addition, an interdisciplinary approach can be taken from which the student can benefit, providing an integrated unit to the set of knowledge they possess, thus improving the interrelation between the different modules of the training cycle.
  • Relationship with the other subjects of the cycle since part of the subject will be given in a network (Local Area Networks). And in part it will be programmed (Fundamentals of Programming).
  • Relationship with Human Sciences through the design of databases for access to information, Books, Bibliographies, etc.
  • Discuss current affairs and technologies in class (for example, robots, artificial intelligence, etc.).

To take into account: Before this unit, students have already worked on loops and conditional programming statements because they have previously done the Learn2program unit. This unit is in the IT module of the DEMETER project.

Below is a video of how we have worked through the lessons in this unit until we have obtained a functional rover prototype as a result.

The Demeter Project