Drive train and chassis

Begin with CAD
Begin with CAD

This thematic model has been carried out with the collaboration of numerous students, all of them with vocational training. 

The characteristics and level of the students who have collaborated and participated in the module are different. There are groups of students from different countries who are pursuing different studies.

This thematic module has required a lot of motivation and collaboration between teachers and students given that the intended objective was quite ambitious: to create a chassis for the project’s rover. A laborious work of research, design and production has been done, always analyzing and documenting each part of the production process.
The students and teachers in this module have been enormously motivated and the result obtained has been magnificent.
In the units of this module, students have had the experience of working with real problems and materials which have improved their technical skills and their future employability.

Drive train and chassis thematic module contains 4 units:

➡ How the rover moves

How to begin with CAO, and more

➡ Rover maintenance

➡ Rover part fabrication


Teachers and collaborators of the thematic module

To create this module a number of teachers from the partner organisations have contributed with lesson design, testing, documentation and evaluation of the activities. The participants involved are teaching a variety of subjects such as: Technology, Phisics, Mechanics, CAD Design, Machining, Designing, etc. The participants have communicated through the project communication channel, on project meetings and online meetings, to divide tasks and to make sure that the thematic module is of good quality, comprehensive and that it contains units relevant to the theme.

More exact information on participation in the different activities can be found in each unit.


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