An introduction to thematic learning

This course about thematic learning has been written by teachers and for teachers. Much of the information provided here is the result of our experience. This actions and methods used are what have worked for us in class in our DEMETER projects. 

Take this course as a reference to create your own methodology. Try to work in the way that is most productive for you. Not because some actions worked well in Sweden, Spain, France or Croatia there are going to work well in your school or class. 

Think that the advices given here is like a recipe, then the chef (you) will have to give it his personal touch.

DEMETER project working team
DEMETER project working team

The DEMETER project is nominally centered on the design, development, testing and operation of a rover that detects landmines.

The DEMETER project makes use of modern technology that captures the imagination of the students, as well as innovative tools/methods spanning over several disciplines, to demonstrate the real world applicability of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) – and other related and seemingly unrelated – school subjects.

rover +arm +coil
rover+arm +coil

The DEMETER project has served to implement and put into practice the thematic learning methodology in the classroom. This project had been a challenge for teachers and students. We had to to learn and develop the project at the same time (just like in the real world).


Thematic learning mental map


The Demeter Project