Guidelines and teacher manual

The following Guideline and Teacher Manual is intended to support educators in the creation of Thematic Learning projects integrating several subjects. As a Guideline and Manual it is, first and foremost, intended to aid the educator in the relatively complex organisational task of setting up and managing Thematic Learning projects of varying sizes. Section 1 of this Guideline and Manual is consequently devoted to the more organisational aspects of running a Thematic Learning project. This section draws heavily on the direct experiences from the Erasmus+ project DEMETER, as well as from other earlier collaborative projects. Section 2 of the Guideline and Manual is focused on the methodologies used within Thematic Learning and how these methodologies can be integrated with the organisation of the project. This section, which is founded on research literature, is annotated for your convenience, and should provide the educator with ample scope for further research into Thematic Learning methodology.

The Demeter Project