“The way that the robotics market is going to grow, at least in the home, is that we’ll have a number of different special purpose robots”. Colin Angle.

3d arm assembling
3d arm assembling
From the teachers of this unit, we thank Florin Tobler because this documentation has been prepared using his robotic arm.


Product: Creation of a robotic arm using a 3D printer and arduino

  • Class: 1º SMR (Vocational school – micro computer systems and networking)
  • IT Teacher: (Assembly and maintenance of equipment).
  • IT Teacher: (Single user operating systems).
know, know to be & know how
know, know to be & know how

In this unit, the main goal is to combine the following concepts:

  • TO KNOW. Know the theoretical concepts of the activity to be carried out. To be a good professional, the student must learn all possible theoretical knowledge to be able to carry out their work in the world of work.
  • KNOW TO DO/KNOW HOW. Know how to apply theoretical knowledge and deal effectively and efficiently with the devices and technology used. When the student combines knowledge and know-how, the result of their work will be of a high level.
  • KNOW TO BE. Attitude towards the project. Work collaboratively with colleagues and support each other. Collaborate with students from other countries. In many jobs, motivation, availability, the desire to do a good job are highly appreciated even more than knowledge.

In any profession, a professional makes use of these three ingredients in their daily work. Depending on the job, more of one will be needed than the other, but what is undeniable is that when it comes to training we must keep it in mind. A good professional is a combination of know, know how and know to be.

In each of the lessons the different knowledge will be labeled so that the teacher takes this into account when teaching it.

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