Landmines and metal detectors

This unit will allow students to learn and understand how metal detectors work, through experimentation in the physics lab.

To do this, the students will therefore need to mobilize and combine knowledge and skills from different subjects such as Math, Physics and English.

The first step will be to sensitize the students on the topic, check how much they already know about the topic of landmines.
Then, they will learn about the situation of landmines in the world nowadays by reading articles in groups.

Each group will then extract relevant data and create diagrams to present what they’ve learnt.
After the different presentations, the students will discuss and debate in English about a controversial event from the news, linked to the topic of landmines.

The second part of the unit will take place in the lab where the students will build a basic metal detector by mobilizing the skills previously acquired in the physics class.

The Demeter Project