The objective of this Unit is to create a game in which students learn to program in a simple and playful way. Gamification and thematic learning will be used as tools to improve motivation, student involvement and its commitment to the educational process.

First of all we have to find a game in which the expected learning is achieved. In our case, programming is the basis of several subjects. In Spain we have two vocational school studies, one with a lower level in which students learn to program and another with a higher level in which students will be full stack developers.

The school in Spain has an HVET specialized in Full Stack Web programming. We are experts in web development, then learning programming is one of our first phases in the learning process. The objective for this group of more advanced students is to develop a game that can interpret the orders that we are going to invent.

Thematic learning diagram
How we integrate skills and activities in thematic learning.

The unit is going to be divided into two distinct lessons (products):

  • Lesson 1. Invention of a pseudo-language and bases of the game (problem).
  • Lesson 2. Creation of a web game interpreter.

The Demeter Project