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The Paul-Julius-von-Reuter-Schule is a large vocational school in the 250.000-inhabitant city of Kasel (Germany). Located in the centre of the city it educates about 1800 students half-time and full-time.

This secondary degree is offered in two specialized fieldsbusiness administration and business informatics.

One third of these students are attending the school in order to receive their secondary degree which enables them to continue to the university. The major part of the students are doing their vocational training in areas like wholesale, retail sales, logistics and more.

Many of our students have different cultural backgrounds. Because of that the organisation successfully joined a school development program of the State of Hesse with the goal of internationalising the school. Already, there is a KA1 -offer for some of the part-time students.

Paul-Julius-von-Reuter-Schule Information

paul julius von reuter schule

PIC : 948381417

Address : Schillerstraße 5-9

Country : Germany

Region : DE7 – HESSEN

Post Code : 34117

City : Kassel

Website :

Telephone : +49 561766390

Fax : +49 567417663929

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