Landmines problem. An example of awareness activity.


One of the objectives of the project is to make our students aware of antipersonnel mines. We have carried out multiple activities but in this post we are going to describe one of the many that we have carried out.

This activity is aimed at web application development students in their first year. the students are all over 18 years of age.

The activity consists of investigating how mines have restricted fundamental rights of people throughout history. This activity begins with some short videos related to this topic that will capture the attention of the students.
Subsequently, the students will carry out, in groups, tasks to search for information and related images, to be able to associate a phrase with this format: “Did you know that…” An image related to the question will be added.

Once the groups have their associated image and phrase, brainstorming is done so that all groups know the phrases and images of the rest of the classmates. We can use short video presentations at this point to share
information among partners.

Once the images and their respective phrases are in place, we proceed to make the final product with educational and awareness purposes. In our case, will be an easy video game where we have to raise pairs of the same images, so that each time an equal couple stands up, a “Did you know that…” phrase appears and a link to the Internet, to find out more.

We’ll use this idea in every country having into account that the final product could be different. Students of different country will play with the game of other students of other countries.

The main objectives of this activity are:

  • Research, classify and evaluate information and related images from the point of view of human rights
  • Raise awareness about the landmines problem
  • Develop a video game for educational and awareness purposes

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