Why is brainstorming necessary in teaching?

For the thematic learning, the brainstorming and discussion of ideas is very important. It must be borne in mind that in this type of teaching, different from classical, sharing, discussion and learning from mistakes are part of learning itself.

An important part of collaborative work is to describe the prototype, system or solution proposed in front of colleagues and discuss possible improvements or adaptations, reaching a consensus.

Many of the times these discussions end up creating an draft that in the future will be transformed into a more formal document.

Below are some of the diagrams made with the students in the project. The first is a schematic of how the robotic arm could work and its integration with the chassis of Professor Boris Grgić’s team:

The following scheme has been made by web development students together with professor Juan Carlos Moreno:

IT scheme
IT scheme

In this diagram you can see how the rover electronics will be integrated together with the web part that will be in charge of managing it. In this diagram you can see both, the technologies to be used and the layers of the system logic.

The Demeter Project