An introduction to thematic learning

A social product to the community: Service learning

We have always thought that motivation was the engine of learning. The greatest satisfaction of a student is to lend his skills to improve the society in which he lives. School and community don’t have to be separate, there has to be a connection between them. In service learning, the products we create in our project (DEMETER) have always been focused on a social impact, for the benefit of our community. 

The DEMETER project aims to raise awareness of landmines, a problem that spreads in regions where the war has left its aftermath with this badge. Fortunately, our students do not suffer from this problem, but they can offer solutions to people who do with their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

As it has been said, many of the products developed in our projects are aimed at raising students’ awareness of the environment, reflecting on the ethics of certain practices, creating artifacts to benefit society, etc.

service learning
Service learning diagram

Our students by providing their services to society receive the benefit of the social impact which increases their motivation and self-esteem. That motivation and self-esteem will be the fuel for our students to continue learning and increasing their key skills.

Tip: If you want to see an example of how we integrate service learning in our teaching practice you can see this post Super-hero-Event. In this super-hero party we were able to carry out activities prepared by the students (3D printing, scape room, performances, sports practices, etc.) in which thematic learning was put into practice. All the money raised in this party went to the Ronald McDonald, Andrés Olivares foundations and the Malaga Maternal-Infant Hospital to help children affected by serious diseases (cancer, leukemia, etc.) and their families.

The Demeter Project