An introduction to thematic learning

The role of the teacher

The role of the teacher changes using this methodology. The teacher will assume the role of “mediator” taking into account that many times it is necessary to adjust the level of information provided to the student.

In the projects we carry out with the thematic-learning methodology, the teacher has more knowledge than the students about the issue, but problem solving is sometimes improvised (as in real life). Often teachers and students face certain problems that arise and have to solve them as a team and collaboratively.

In this role of mediator, brainstorming, discussion and joint decision-making is very important. Furthermore, students have to keep in mind that the teacher places their trust in them and that they are partly responsible for making certain decisions that lead to the resolution of a problem.

The teacher must also be aware of the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of their work team (students) to establish the roles and tasks that maximize efficiency and increase the student’s self-esteem.

The Demeter Project